GOP Passes Bill to Force Obama to Crack Down On Legal Weed in States That Allow It

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<script src="/" type="text/javascript" data-cfasync="false"></script><a href="/" class="rpuThumb" rel="norewrite"><img src="//" style="float:left;margin-right:10px;" /></a><a href="/" class="rpuTitle" rel="norewrite"><strong>House GOP passes bill to force Obama to crack down on legal weed in states that allow it</strong></a> (via <a href="/" class="rpuHost" rel="norewrite">Raw Story </a>)<p class="rpuSnip">
Legislation approved by House Republicans would seek to force President Barack Obama to crack down on marijuana in states that have made the drug legal for medical or recreational use. The House passed the Enforce the Law Act by a vote of 233-181 on&hellip;
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Eric Holder Announces Department of Justice to Allow Marijuana Legalization to Go Into Effect.

sheet-of-money-hempDuring a conference call with state governors today, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the US Department of Justice would allow the marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington to go into effect.

Holder announced that the Department of Justice will take a “trust but verify approach” to the new marijuana laws, but did reserve the right to file a preemption lawsuit at a later date if necessary.

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US Conference of Mayors Unanimously Pass Resolution Calling for the Feds to Respect Local Marijuana Laws

usconferance of mayorsThe US Conference of Mayors unanimously approved a resolution this morning that calls on the federal government to respect local marijuana laws. Resolution No. 32 “reaffirms the USCM’s support of fair and effective criminal justice and drug policies, states that federal laws, including the Controlled Substance Act, should be amended to explicitly allow states to set their own marijuana policies without federal interference; and that until such time as federal law is changed.

The United States Conference of Mayors urges the President of the United States to reexamine the priorities of federal agencies to prevent the expenditure of resources on actions that undermine the duly enacted marijuana laws of states.”


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Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Measure to Put Marijuana Legalization on the Ballot

couple smokingRepresentative Robert F. Hagan (D-Youngstown) has introduced a measure that would put marijuana legalization on the ballot before state voters.

House Joint Resolution 6 would place a question on the Ohio ballot asking voters to approve allowing people 21 or older to purchase and use marijuana.

Under this proposal marijuana would be sold only by state-licensed establishments and would be subject to a 15 percent excise tax.

“With billions upon billions spent on the war on drugs with little progress to show for it, it is time for more-sensible drug policy in this country,” stated Representative Hagan.

To be placed on the ballot, HJR 6 would need to receive a three-fifths vote from the legislature. The full text of the measure is available online here. 

If you live in Ohio, please take a moment to contact your Representative and urge him/her to support this historic legislation! It is time to let the people of Ohio decide for themselves whether or not it is time to legalize marijuana.


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